Gesa Otomobil Yedek Parça

GESA Foreign Trade was founded in 2011 in order to import auto parts and accessories to the automotive market. GESA setting out with a belief in becoming one of the biggest and the most reliable suppliers started importing especially from the Far East countries and has specialized in spare auto parts and accessories the market needs. GESA also represents a lot of brands from the Far East in the automotive industry. It brought vitality to the market with its specialists and dynamic teams who closely follow the developments in technology all over the world. GESA has putted signature to a lot of projects that aims at eliminating lacks in the sector and raised the bar for quality. GESA always insists upon the quality of products, of services as well as of sales and after-sale services. Having given the highest priority to excellent service and unconditioned customer satisfaction, GESA’s target is to carry on being a pioneer of innovations in the sector.